Facebook Enhancer

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by Sameer Nyaupane

Why I built this extension

Hi, I am Sameer, a web developer from Nepal.

Recently the famous "Stylish" extension was banned from all the popular browsers.
"Stylish" extension with 2M downloads banned for tracking every site visit .

This caused me to take all my current extension usage seriously.
I went and looked for the source code of all my installed extensions.

Surprisingly, I found out that most of the extensions do not give a link to a github or a source code file.
I still could go over and check the plugin's code itself since the extensions are all required to be open source, but this won't be possible for everyone. Moreover, it is a hassle to have to do it for every extension you would want to install.

So I decided I would only use the extensions that have their code available and rest of them I'd write them myself and make them open source on github for all to see.

This way extensions are safe, available for thorough dive into the code if one so desires.

How to use Facebook Enhancer

The extension is very straightforward.

All you have to do is install the extension. You can then toggle the functionality by clicking on the icon on the chrome's extension toolbar on the top right corner.

Clicking the icon reveals the toggle button. The change takes effect immediately.

Privacy Policy

This extension does not collect any data from the user.

Source code

Facebook Enhancer is fully open source and is available on the github page linked below.



Your feedback is highly appreciated. It will help me improve the extension.

Please post issues, ideas or suggestions for this extension on the Disqus comment section below.